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It’s been super difficult purchasing & exchanging SodaStream CO2 tanks since 2020 and we’ve heard a multitude of different causes being to blame from covid-19, to meat packing plants to the fossil fuel industry. All we know is that while SodaStream continues to have issues we’ll be there for you, exchanging your tanks and keeping your water bubbly!

OMG IT WORKS SO EASY! To get your water bubbling again:

  1. Load up and find the little appointment widget in the middle of the page
  2. Select your location
  3. Enter the quantity of tanks you’d like to exchange
  4. Add your info (and love note if you’d like)
  5. We’ll zap you over to PayPal to complete your appointment
  6. We’ll send you an appointment confirmation email with location specific exchange instructions!

We are a mom and pop operation with several locations in Southern California. We operate out of our houses, so when you pull up for your exchange appointment don’t be surprised when you’re in a residential neighborhood! We’re working on opening new locations to help our communities get fizzy wit’ it, so be on the lookout for more FizzFill spots in the future.

Sorry, at this time we do not deliver.

YES! We exchange out only genuine SodaStream tanks that have the official SodaStream labels & stamps. If for some reason we fall into a black hole and disappear tomorrow you’ll be able to exchange the tanks we give you directly with SodaStream (when they’re back in stock!).

If you’d like us to refill your SodaStream compatible tank (for example SodaClub or Soda Sense) we’d be more than happy to within a 24hr turn around time.

Yes we refill the pink SodaStream Terra tanks! Just enter your exchange quantity under the ‘Quick Connect’ option and we’ll get you exchanged and fizzy again in no time!

NO! All of our SodaStream tanks are verified working during the filling process to ensure that the tank you get is full of bubbly CO2!

Conversely, we kindly ask that you do not exchange a broken tank as well. That’s bad karma!

Yes we do! We have a very limited number of large 130L SodaStream tanks in stock for exchange. If for some reason you have more 130L SodaStreak tanks in stock than we can handle we can drop your tanks off for an overnight filling and pick them up the following day. Contact us to learn more!

Our SodaStream tanks are 100% safe. There is a thin brass ‘fail safe’ disc located within the valve of each tank that is designed to blow should the internal pressure of the tank reach an unsafe level. This disc would pop & all of the CO2 would be released ever before the tank itself would rupture – which is a great safety feature that SodaStream built into the design of their tanks! If the ‘fail safe’ disc were to pop we would know about it during our filling process and that tank would come out of public circulation and never be exchanged.

Just like you, we’re having a hard time finding new SodaStream tanks as well! We may have a tank or two for sale depending on inventory. Give us a call to inquire about purchasable SodaStream tank inventory today!

A hissing sound from the SodaStream tank valve means that CO2 is escaping the tank. For some reason, the valve is stuck open. Several things could make this happen including a damaged valve and dry ice forming around the valve pin and not letting it close completely. Either way, nothing catastrophic will occur due to a leaky valve. If you suspect dry ice is keeping the valve open, you can submerge the valve upside down in some water to try to get the ice to melt, otherwise leave the tank undisturbed in a safe place to let it drain and then exchange that busted tank with SodaStream for a new, full tank!

Not to worry, this is a VERY common issue will all home soda water machines and by far the most common problem we help customers troubleshoot.

There is a little rubber o-ring that sits inside your machine that is designed to make contact with the CO2 tank and create a seal to ensure that the dispensed gas makes it all the way through the system into your water bottle. This little rubber o-ring is under extreme stress from not only the pressure of the CO2 coming out of the tank, but the coldness of the gas as well, and often it fails or falls out of the machine.

So when you screw in your new tank and gas begins dispensing from the machine on its own, chances are the o-ring has gone missing or is damaged and the tank is now sitting too far into the machine and is engaging the dispensing hammer on it’s own.

Unscrew the tank and look around for the o-ring (hint: it might very well be stuck to the top of the last tank you took out) and pop it back in. If you can’t find it give SodaStream a call for a replacement as you cannot find this part at any hardware stores as it is a very non-standard size!

If your SodaStream tank or water are TOO cold, you can turn the outgoing CO2 into dry ice! It’s harmless and actually kind of cool. To prevent this from happening make sure your SodaStream tank valve is free of condensation or water, let it come up to room temperature and use slightly warmer water in the carbonation bottle if you can.

For more info check out this thread here:

We use only food grade CO2 from a restaurant supply companies. It’s actually hard to find non-food grade CO2, and we wouldn’t want to anyways!

Why thank you! At $10 per 60L exchange we think it’s a great price too! Because we’re a mom and pop shop and not dealing with the overhead of direct shipping & big box deliveries we can keep our costs low and pass that on to our bubble loving community.

Appointments booked online can be paid via PayPal or credit card.

At this time yes, appointments are required so that we can guarantee that we’ll have enough tanks to fulfill your exchange needs.

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